Grids for drainage channels: which one to choose?

Grids for drainage channels are made of various materials and thanks to this they can be adapted to different needs and requirements. They can also be used in different sectors and environments, such as gardens, if referring to the most common ones or industrial sectors, mentioning the most complex one, where heavy vehicles and [...]

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Which plastic channels to choose? PP vs PE

Drainage channels can be manufactured from various materials, including concrete and polymer concrete, among others. Previously, we had a chance to discuss why plastic channels are more convenient and performing than the concrete ones on many occasions. However, what are the channels to opt for among those produced in thermoplastic materials? In this article [...]

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Plastic channels vs. concrete channels: material pros and cons

Water channelling systems, whether used in public or private works, can generally involve three types of materials: concrete, polymer concrete and plastic materials. The choice of the appropriate material is very important in order to make the laying operations efficient and to obtain an optimal result also in the long run, prolonging the useful [...]

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How to install water drainage plastic channels

The installation of the drainage system in sewerage construction projects is a delicate operation that requires the utmost care to ensure maximum long-term performance. After analysing the different materials available on the market and all the benefits of plastic channels, attention must be paid to the installation process. We can divide the installation process [...]

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SABdrain drainage channel in polypropylene: all the advantages

In a drainage system, whether for pedestrian, vehicle access or industrial areas, drainage channels are the first element to pay attention to in design and purchase phase. The choice of drainage gutters is not only influenced by the load class and the dimension of the drainage system, but also by durability, strength, simplicity and [...]

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Why replace concrete drainage channels with polypropylene ones: all the advantages

It is often necessary to replace drainage channels that have become worn over time due to the weather or to the chemicals carried by the drainage system. In this article we investigate the issue of replacing drainage channels and the reason why plastic ones should be chosen over concrete channels. Plastic channels guarantee an [...]

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Rainwater collection with drainage channel at service stations and forecourts

The rainwater drainage system must be designed taking into consideration some valuable aspects to keep it efficient over time. Oils, hydrocarbons and chemical substances that are dispersed on the surface of petrol stations or forecourts and then carried away by rain can corrode drainage channel and accelerate their ageing. Below you will find some [...]

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