CHERISH YOUR WATER Accessori irrigazione - MANIFESTO -

What values are we bearers of

Water is precious. Don’t waste it.

Enhance water through your work.

Think how your work can help to safeguard our environment and its inhabitants.

Put water in the limelight during the day: use it sparingly in your private life and optimize your work accordingly.

Consider your clients as your partners; someone to work and improve with.

Involve collaborators in this project that goes beyond a mere professional growth.

What do we do to prove it?

1. Water is life.

This is why we take care of it at each stage of its cycle, regardless of whether it is used for food production, as drinking water or whether it has been recovered through drainage systems.

2. Water is a scarce resource.

Only a minimal part of it is “useful” for human purposes as most of it is salty and/or fixed in unusable glaciers. Its rational and efficient use translates into greater environment protection and fosters a sustainable economy.

3. We promote a conscious use of water.

Two concepts such as water saving and systems’ efficiency, whether they are irrigation, thermo-hydraulic or drainage systems, are the ones that guide our business choices.

4. We try to make water more accessible in order to reduce inequalities.

Water is often a discriminating factor between “developed countries” and “developing countries». Drought, lack of drinking water and a dramatic shortage of food for a large part of humanity.

5. Corporate ethics and transparency.

SAB’s team together with its partners who undersign this Manifesto are committed to promoting a sustainable and fair business ethics and communicating transparently, like water.

6. Research and development of new products.

Developing new products, we look for those that can guarantee maximum efficiency, reducing waste and offering sustainable and recyclable solutions. We respect the water life cycle.

7. Raw materials choice and processing.

We collaborate with international key players who guarantee high standards and compliance with environmental and social sustainability norms. As a Group we also deal with the regenerated material recycling, thanks to one of our sister companies – PEBO. We promote the reuse and recycling of our products at the end of their lifespan.

8. Production techniques.

We use water both in production lines for cooling and for our tests procedures. However, we have implemented free cooling machines alongside the chillers with closed circuit systems in order to avoid wasting water and to save energy.

9. Sales, service and customer care.

We are committed to promoting solutions that can enhance water and make life easier for farmers, installers, designers and retailers. We support our customers through educational and informational content on «water culture» and fight against waste of resources. We encourage our stakeholders to do the same.

10. Social responsibility services.

Working in our sector is a privilege and a burden at the same time. We are committed to providing concrete help and services to make the points mentioned so far tangible. We believe we have a great responsibility as a company and as individuals. Therefore, we are at front line to take care of water, together with all those who want to sign this Manifesto.