Team SAB S.p.A.

A working team is the added value of each company.

Our Team choice, formation and motivation are the main ingredient of our success. People from all over the world work together in SAB: our multiculturalism is our greatest treasure, that allovs us to compete and win in the global market.

Managing Direction

Renato Mancini Cilla
Renato Mancini CillaGeneral Manager

Sales department

Enrico Massani
Enrico MassaniChief Sales department Italy
Valentina Dini
Valentina DiniSales department
Letizia Sacchi
Letizia SacchiSales department
Martina Crinelli
Martina CrinelliSales department
Iginio Tarquini
Iginio TarquiniArea Manager Italy
Andrea Gugliemi
Andrea GugliemiArea Manager Italy

Sales department Export

Mara Battirossi
Mara BattirossiChief Sales department Export
Sendi Antonioli
Sendi AntonioliSales department Export
Enrico Alessandroni
Enrico AlessandroniSales department Export
Simone Merli
Simone MerliSales department Export
Alessandro Amorati
Alessandro AmoratiArea Manager Export
Lorenzo Spinsanti
Lorenzo SpinsantiArea Manager Export
Andrea Piras
Andrea PirasArea Manager Export
Nicola Hazboun
Nicola HazbounArea Manager Export

R&D department

The client has always been our main focus. Everyday, our Reserch & Development department designs and works on new products, and improve those in our range. Our engineers and technicians are happy to help you with their Know-how to support you in the planning, installation and after-sales of the systems that include SAB products.

Stefano Sgallini
Stefano SgalliniQuality and technical supervisor
Claudio Mariani
Claudio MarianiEstablishment supervisor
Giorgio Boinega
Giorgio BoinegaProduction supervisor
Daniele Belleggia
Daniele BelleggiaTrial and laboratory supervisor

Marketing department

Irma Osorio
Irma OsorioChief Marketing Officer
Aliona Rapasava
Aliona RapasavaMarketing department

Logistics & Purchasing

Pamela Pascucci
Pamela PascucciPurchasing department

Businness Accounting

Cinzia Andreani
Cinzia AndreaniAccounting Administrative Area