SAB S.p.A. - Water Gas Irrigation

SAB S. p. A. is proud to announce, for the second year running, its presence in the ranking of the 500 Italian companies “Top Performer”; edited by the ItalyPostStudy Centre, in collaboration with L’Economia del Corriere della Sera.

The research was carried out on the balance sheets of small-medium Italian companies with a turnover of between 20 and 120 million, which in the course of six years up to 2017 recorded an average annual growth rate of over 7%, an average Ebitda of 10% (in the last three years) and a debt ratio that never exceeded 80%.

“We are happy and proud to be part, once again this year, of the 500 top Italian performing companies, but I can guarantee that now more than ever we are working to build together the future, based on the growth of people, on eco-sustainable technologies, on the quality of relationships with our customers.”

Renato Mancini

General Manager

Friday, March 15, 2019; A special edition dedicated to the 500 best companies in Italy, according to research by Centro Studi ItalyPost is published in the insert l’Economia, of our domestic news paper, “Il Corriere della Sera”.

As the highly acclaimed newspaper reports, these companies “have chosen super-specialized niches, have invested in obtaining proprietorship, thus being in a position to offer the best of a combination of technology and quality, have organized themselves in such a way so as to be ultraflexible.” 

“The secret to success is perseverance toward the goal.” –

Alvaro Boscarini