SAB S.p.a. is proud to be part of the best 500 Italian companies “top performer”, according to the studies of  Centro Studi ItalyPost, together with L’Economia of Corriere della Sera.

The research was carried out  in relation to the financial statements of the Italian companies with a turnover between 20 and 120 million, that from 2010 to 2016 performed beyond the standards.
They particularly considered the last six years financial statements of each company, selecting the best 500 companies according to the following parameters:

  • Growth Rate (CAGR)

  • Profitability (EBITDA)

  • Financial soundness (PFN)

  • Rating More

According to these parameters, SAB places among the 500 top performer Italian companies.
“Outcomes never arrive by chance. They are the fruit of the work of all of us. And we can be proud of it. The contribution of each one is fundamental.
Thanks to you all, and thanks particularly to our clients”

Renato Mancini Cilla
General Manager

Friday, 16th March 2018 – A special edition regarding the best 500 Italian companies was published on L’Economia of Corriere della Sera, after research and studies by Centro Studi ItalyPost.
Futuro Italia – 500 Storie di imprese e di campioni che hanno spinto e spingono il Paese is the title of the  publication, that showed on the cover Chiara Ferragni, Mario Draghi and Giorgio Armani, three great examples of entrepreneurs.



The companies listed in the article form the nucleus of the economic recovery, thanks to the 22 billion turnover and an over 7% annual growth rate. These are the companies that over the darkest years of the economic crisis managed to grow vertiginously and to provide workplaces.


Read the article Futuro Italia – 500 Storie di imprese e di campioni che hanno spinto e spingono il Paese