The project carried out in Nigeria was developed by SAB together with Dalya, an American sprinkler distributor for agricultural irrigation. The collaboration with SAB has allowed to offer a complete system of pipes and fittings that results simple to install and has high-performance characteristics at the same time.

RioFlex and Layfit in Nigeria

Project description

Problem: The project involved the installation of sprinklers connected with mainline pipes linked to the water source. However, the transition of heavy vehicles for the transport of rigid PE pipes was hampered by the area conformation.

Solution: Dalya implemented sprinklers that needed a pipeline that would work at high pressure, but at the same time would be light and easy to handle, in order to meet farmers’ needs. Therefore, SAB proposed a complete solution including PE layflat hose together with the layfit fittings for it. RioFlex High Pressure 3 “, with its 6 bars of working pressure has been recognized as an ideal solution in terms of both transportation and performance.

Trasporto facile Rioflex pressure

RioFlex High Pressure and Layfit fittings

The PE layflat hose produced and developed by SAB allowed the long-range sprinklers to work optimally, as well as to respond to the needs of the end customer who had to take into consideration the area conformation and the planting system. The layfit fittings have been chosen for their reliability and installation easiness, as well as their capability to support even high pressure.

Customer feedback: The ability to transport RioFlex in coils was a determining factor. Indeed, the product was loaded onto a pick-up truck and transported to the installation site without much effort. The installation of Rioflex was facilitated thanks to its lightness and softness that distinguishes it from the classic PVC layflat hose and rigid PE or PVC pipes.

RioFlex Pressure in Nigeria

Rioflex High Pressure