SAB S.p.a. is proud to present RIOFLEX, the all-new “polyethylene conveying pipe” designed for drip irrigation systems.

After 3 years of Research & Development, Rioflex is the lighter, tough and strong alternative to the traditional PVC Layflat. Its physical composition makes it less sensible to thermal expansion and, on site, it doesn’t twist or twirl.

Rioflex is made of polyethylene, with an internal reinforcing web, blended with UV protection for a long-lasting life.

At the end of its life, our PE Layflat is completely recyclable along with the drip tapes.

Rioflex can be supplied with pre-mounted connections at any required distance to make the installation and the dismantling at the end of the irrigation season much faster. It is also possible to easily insert additional connections thanks to the markings every 10 cm.


Visit the Catalogue for the technical specifications about RioFlex.