Project Description

SABDRAIN: Sabdrain channels are made of PP (Polypropylene), which has excellent mechanical and thermal shock resistance, PP is immune to chemical and atmospheric agents, acids, salts and alkalis, oils and benzines.
These features make Sabdrain the ideal system for roads and highways, car parks, service areas, bicycle and pedestrian bays, industrial yards, airports, and for more particular installations such as slaughterhouses or dump facilities.
The PP features make the surface of the channel extremely smooth, the low superficial roughness helps the flow of water and avoids the sedimentation of deposits, facilitating the cleaning.
SABdrain PP channels are available with PP, galvanized steel, stainless steel and cast iron grids, for all load classes and for all requirements.
The Sabdrain channels are produced in accordance with EN 1433, which defines terminology, classification, design testing and marking requirements as well as assessment of the drainage and surface disposal channels compliance.
The Sabdrain channels are defined by EN 1433 as “type M”, ie reinforcing channels with additional support (concrete casting) to support vertical and horizontal loads, according to the following installation recommendations