Project Description

RioFlex - SAB

Main line designed for drip irrigation systems


RioFlex - SAB

Rioflex means a huge saving in money, time and labour, for the end user.

Rioflex means a huge saving in money, time and labour, for the end user.
SAB started the RioFlex Project in 2015, with the aim of creating a manifold pipe, designed for drip irrigation systems, which had to be resistant, easy to use and completely recyclable.
RioFlex is fully made of polyethylene, a well-known material, renowned for its virtues and on which SAB has already a long experience.
We have used four different types of PE on RioFlex, to obtain a pipe with features apparently in contrast among themselves.
It is produced in four variables to satisfy diverse drip irrigation systems requirements:
High Pressure
Low pressure
Free Flow
Rioflex has been conceived to be strong and tough, yet light and flexible. Polyethylene has a low roughness rate, to reduce pressure loss and has a very low sensitivity to thermal expansion.
RioFlex can be supplied with pre-installed connectors at a required spacing, to make the installation and the dismantling at the end of the irrigation season much faster.
Using RioFlex is really easy. Instructions and recommendations for the installation are supplied with the pipe.
It is going to pay you back with a long-lasting life, after which it can be recycled along with the drip tape.

Watch the video and find out Rioflex creation processes, together with tests on it and its uses.

Watch the video to find out how to install Connectors on RioFlex.