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Blueseal16 - compression fittings - SAB

Made in Italy best compression fittings

Blueseal16 - compression fittings - SAB

Blueseal16 is the made in SAB main line brand of PP compression fittings for PE pipes. It has been tested to resist a pressure up to 16 bars (PN16).
Blueseal16 fittings have the most prestigious certifications from the main international Institutions, hence suitable for use in potable water pipelines :
IIP (Istituto Italiano dei Plastici – Italy)
Watermark (Australiano)
Kiwa (the Netherlands)
Wras (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme – Great Britain)
Dvgw (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches – Germany)
Swgv (Schweizerischer Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches – Switzerland)
and much more…
The peculiarity that differs Blueseal16 fittings from other fittings on the market is the sealing system . It is made of a lip-seal gasket and the distinctive blue spacer ring which make it unique.
This sealing system is designed to push the gasket against the pipe outer wall thanks to the slide effect: when the pipeline is pressurized this effect allows for better tightness around the pipe, even if pipes are scratched.
Another peculiarity is the easy and quick assembly, thanks to the shape of the gasket, made to facilitate the insertion into the pipe.
The Blueseal range is composed of more than 300 pieces , that differ in shape, dimension, and use. Couplings, Elbows, 90° Tees, Plugs, etc., are produced in SAB and can connect pipes from 16mm to 110mm. Among the different types, there are also PE-copper transition compression fittings, universal fittings, compression fittings with brass inserts, and fittings with Viton O-ring and PBT grip ring, used in contact with acids, such as mine applications.
To conclude, choosing SAB compression fittings is a warranty of security for the final consumer : certified by the official institutions, easy and quick to install, they ensure a perfect endurance in time.

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