Our polyethylene pipe fittings can be categorized into two main lines: Perla, the top line for drip irrigation systems and Blueseal, the certified compression fitting for potable water networks. After having analysed the possible problems that can arise in water mains and the importance of purchasing quality fittings to avoid them, in this article we provide an in-depth look at SAB’s patented compression fitting that guarantees maximum performance over time as well as fast and reliable installation.

raccordo a compressione

1. Blueseal compression fitting.

The technical features of the Blueseal16 compression fitting that facilitate installation

Do you need to connect polyethylene pipes for pressure water networks? Blueseal16 is the PN16 compression fitting developed by SAB for drinking water applications. The fitting components are as follows:

  • A compression nut made of polypropylene;
  • An inner body, also made of PP;
  • A POM (polyoxymethylene) grip ring;
  • The patented Blueseal spacer ring, made of PP;
  • The Blueseal lip gasket made in NBR 70sh A.

“Slide-effect” to guarantee reliable and long-lasting installation

What makes this transition joint unique is the patented sealing system, which is made of a gasket and a grip ring, both named “Blueseal”.

This system generates what is called a slide-effect, i.e., the ability to amplify the seal once the pipeline is put under pressure. This system also makes it possible to provide reliable installation even for pipes that are imperfect or damaged.

The gasket allows a fast installation

The Blueseal gasket has been approved by our installers over the years, mainly due to its ease of installation. The shape and the pre-lubrication of the seal allows quick and easy installation, helping the installer to save time and money.

raccordo Blueseal

2. Blueseal fitting: technical features.

SAB’s certifications of the compression fitting

As previously observed, the great majority of countries in the world require specific certifications for the application of pipes and fittings on drinking water networks.

These certifications are issued by accredited bodies which, through regular inspections and rigorous quality tests, maintain the highest standards of polyethylene pipe compression fittings in drinking water networks. Blueseal, thanks to its high performances has obtained the following certificates:

  • IIP (Istituto Italiano dei Plastici – Italy)
  • Watermark (Australia)
  • Kiwa (the Netherlands)
  • Wras (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme – Great Britain)
  • Dvgw (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches – Germany)
  • Swgv (Schweizerischer Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches – Switzerland)

Blueseal16 – the complete range

The range of the premium line fittings for drinking water consists of more than 300 items working at a nominal pressure of 16 bar with diameter ranging from diameter 16 to 110 (mm). Here are some of the shapes that make our range one of the most comprehensive available on market:

  • Coupling and reducing coupling;
  • 90° Tee and threaded coupling;
  • Shouldered and flanged adaptor;
  • Swivel nut female adaptor, compression stop cock valve and repair coupling;
  • Fittings with brass insert;
  • Fittings with Viton O-ring and grip ring in BPT for corrosive environments as mines and quarries.
raccordi di transizione universali

3. Universal transition fittings.

Universal transition fitting range to connect PE-copper and PE-metal pipes

Blueseal compression fittings have been developed to connect PE pipes together. However, in many applications it is necessary to connect polyethylene pipes to other materials, as copper or metal pipes. For this reason, pe-copper couplings and pe-metal couplings have been developed by SAB, and these are supplied with a special kit to ensure that the coupling adheres correctly to the metal pipe. As for the others, the installation procedure requires that the portion of metal pipe to be inserted into the fitting is marked first. Then, after unscrewing the nut, the pipe must be inserted in a rotating way up to the central stop and secured with the final tightening of the fitting. This final step can also be done with the aid of a special tightening wrench.

Bluseal16 has been chosen and approved by thousands of SAB customers worldwide, if you are interested in purchasing or distributing our fittings in your region or country, please contact us through the form in the contact section or through the chat on our website.