The recent international events have further impacted the already critical situation of raw materials, transport and energy costs in a significant and abrupt way. 

The scenario that awaits us in the coming months will inevitably be characterized by extreme volatility and unpredictability in prices and availability, as we have never experienced in the past.

SAB intends to protect its customers by all means; we are taking all possible measures to guarantee the continuity of our services and the availability of products. 

These strong costs increase may no longer be managed effectively in the traditional way. The punctual revision of pricelists requires time and procedures that are no longer compatible with the speed with which scenarios are evolving at the moment.

Therefore, we are obliged to apply a temporary percentage surcharge to prices, which will be revised upwards or downwards according to raw material situation and costs.

We hope that the current situation will turn around positively as soon as possible.

 As usual, our sales team is at your complete disposal to analyze current offers and share any information and updates on the availability of all our products.

SAB S.p.A.