SABdrain drainage channel in polypropylene: all the advantages

In a drainage system, whether for pedestrian, vehicle access or industrial areas, drainage channels are the first element to pay attention to in design and purchase phase. The choice of drainage gutters is not only influenced by the load class and the dimension of the drainage system, but also by durability, strength, simplicity and [...]

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Why replace concrete drainage channels with polypropylene ones: all the advantages

It is often necessary to replace drainage channels that have become worn over time due to the weather or to the chemicals carried by the drainage system. In this article we investigate the issue of replacing drainage channels and the reason why plastic ones should be chosen over concrete channels. Plastic channels guarantee an [...]

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Rainwater collection with drainage channel at service stations and forecourts

The rainwater drainage system must be designed taking into consideration some valuable aspects to keep it efficient over time. Oils, hydrocarbons and chemical substances that are dispersed on the surface of petrol stations or forecourts and then carried away by rain can corrode drainage channel and accelerate their ageing. Below you will find some [...]

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Looking for a PE pipe compression fitting for drinking water? All the reasons to choose Blueseal16

Our polyethylene pipe fittings can be categorized into two main lines: Perla, the top line for drip irrigation systems and Blueseal, the certified compression fitting for potable water networks. After having analysed the possible problems that can arise in water mains and the importance of purchasing quality fittings to avoid them, in this article [...]

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How to choose quality polyethylene pipe fittings

Breakdowns in water networks are a serious problem for water management authorities. The costs to be sustained may rise due to the repair or the replacement of the pipeline. However, it is possible to prevent certain breakages through the use of quality materials. A sensitive element of the network is the junction point between [...]

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Water supply systems and breakages: what are the costs to be considered?

In order to achieve the aims in the water supply systems management, the authorities in charge must guarantee a maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the supply service. Pipeline breaks can cause significant problems and can create inconvenience and disruption to consumers, as well as high costs in the short, medium or long term. [...]

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Comparison between electrofusion fittings and push-fit fittings for PE pipes

With this comparison between electrofusion fittings and push-fit fittings for PE pipes, we would like to provide support in the choice between the two fittings, taking into consideration installation time and related costs. Before looking at the differences between the two solutions currently available on the market, it is necessary to start from a [...]

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How to decrease installation costs of fittings on site

Fittings and pipes installation costs of on-site installation practices generally include labour, machinery, resources and equipment. A correct planning and an optimization of resources are essential for efficiency and cost containment on construction site; especially in extreme conditions that can facilitate the arise of problems and complications during the installation phase. Adopting best practices [...]

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Pipes and fittings installation: temperature and related problems

During pipes and fittings installation it is important to consider the connection between temperature variations and the problems that may arise from them. The extreme climatic conditions influence both the laying process and the lifespan of the products but also their proper performance, thus causing problems for the entire system. In aqueducts and public [...]

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RioFlex and Layfit chosen for a project in Nigeria: Lightness and high performance

The project carried out in Nigeria was developed by SAB together with Dalya, an American sprinkler distributor for agricultural irrigation. The collaboration with SAB has allowed to offer a complete system of pipes and fittings that results simple to install and has high-performance characteristics at the same time. Project description Problem: The project [...]

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