SAB offers a wide range of products for the Drainage

SAB offers a series of accessories for the drainage and channeling of water. It is a complete series of grates, channels and wells useful for promoting the correct drainage of surface and rainwater. The water drainage channels are made of polypropylene, the most suitable material for the construction of specific products in surface water drainage systems. The different products are designed and reinforced, in order to guarantee strength and functionality, and to withstand different load classes.

Channel Edge in Plastic

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Channel Edge in Steel

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Low Edge Channel

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Drainage channel installation

Our drainage channels in polypropylene are very simple to assemble, to transport and to install. The male female embedding system and the 90° embedding pre-setting guarantee a quick and adaptable installation. Anchors and edges in steel assure a robust anchoring to the concrete in order to have an optimal compression resistance in higher load classes. Look at our video tutorial to follow the right installing procedure.

Water Saving

 Sabdrain is the drainage channel in polypropylene that allows to optimize weight and efficiency compared to traditional technologies. Thanks to the material of which it is made up, it is possible to reduce considerably the labour costs and to speed up the installation time. Our range stretches from “Do-It-Yourself” channels to high load classes for big infrastructural projects. For what concern projects, we put at your disposal the library BIM and the file in DWG for planning it.


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In SAB the most important person is THE CUSTOMER , all our technical and commercial team is available to meet the needs of our customers, with the professionalism of courtesy and human warmth that has always been recognized by the customers themselves . SAB SpA is included, for the second consecutive year, in the ranking of the 500 “Top Performer” Italian companies created by the Centro Studi ItalyPost, in collaboration with the Corriere della Sera economy.