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The Quality of irrigation water

The Quality of irrigation water The quality of water and its characteristics influence the plant’s growth, the soil structure, and also the irrigation system itself. The quality of irrigation water refers mainly to its physical and chemical composition, or more in details to the mineral composition of water and to the presence of solid [...]

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Water flow rate in drip irrigation

When it comes to irrigation, one of the factors that cannot be underestimated is certainly the water flow rate. To better understand this topic, it is necessary to start from the definition of flow rate: "In fluid dynamics, flow rate is the amount of substance that crosses a section of area A in a [...]

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Hydrocyclone filters for your drip irrigation system

Water filtration is very important for almost all irrigation systems, but especially for micro-irrigation.A proper filtration can help to extend the lifetime and improve maintenance of any irrigation system. Filtration is a fundamental requirement for the drip tapes in order to avoid clogging. A grain of sand, rust and other materials can block the emitters [...]

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Filters for drip irrigation: disk or net?

Filters aim to protect and preserve a drip irrigation system. They have to prevent the clogging of drippers and of the drip tape. It is essential to choose them basing on the characteristics of the water and the desired flow rate.When irrigation water have suspended solids (sand in quantities < 2gr/l - for larger quantities, [...]

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Solid particles in water, such as sand, silt, clay or detritus may clog drip irrigation systems. For this reason, filters that remove all these particles from the water and then input only clean water in the irrigation system are absolutely necessary and essential. Why is it important to use filtered water? One of the [...]

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