The  SAB team

The added value of any company is determined by the quality of the people who work there. The selection, training and motivation of our team are the main ingredients of our success. In SAB, people of many different nationalities work  together. This cultural wealth allows us to compete and prosper on international markets

Our Team

Renato Mancini Cilla
Renato Mancini CillaGeneral Manager
Stefano Sgallini
Stefano SgalliniQuality and Technical Manager
Claudio Mariani
Claudio MarianiPlant Manager
Cinzia Andreani
Cinzia AndreaniAdministration Manager
Sara Diotalevi
Sara DiotaleviAdministration Agent
Pamela Pascucci
Pamela PascucciPurchasing Office-Communication
Iginio Tarquini
Iginio TarquiniItalian Sales Manager
Andrea Gugliemi
Andrea GugliemiItalian Sales Area Manager
Enrico Massani
Enrico MassaniItalian Sales Department Manager
Letizia Sacchi
Letizia SacchiItalian Sales Department
Valentina Dini
Valentina DiniItalian Sales Department
Lorenzo Spinsanti
Lorenzo SpinsantiExport Sales Area Manager
Alessandro Amorati
Alessandro AmoratiExport Sales Area Manager
Nicola Hazboun
Nicola HazbounExport Sales Area Manager
Irma Osorio
Irma OsorioChief Marketing Office
Mara Battirossi
Mara BattirossiChief Export Sales Department
Nicoletta Giordano
Nicoletta GiordanoExport Sales Department
Andrea Piras
Andrea PirasExport Sales Department